General Filling Instructions

Parker Vacumatic Fillers

Remove the blind cap, immerse the nib and depress the plunger 6-12 times with a slight pause between presses.  The vacuum formed on the down stroke cause ink to be drawn through the breather tube and into the barrel on each release of the plunger.  The filling is limited by the length of the breather tube, which itself is limited by the stroke of the piston/membrane.  In the case of the 51 Vacumatic, the plunger should be held down while the pen is withdrawn from the ink after the last depression.  This when released, will withdraw ink accumulated in the collector.

Sheaffer Vac-Fil, Onoto Plunger Fillers

Plunger Fillers like the Onoto and Sheaffer Vac-Fil DO NOT fill like a syringe.  They should never be immersed in ink when the plunger is being withdrawn, nor should they be pumped, as such action will damage the packing unit seals.
To fill a plunger-filler, unscrew the end knob and gently pull on it to extend the plunger shaft.  Immerse the nib, then depress the plunger in one smooth, swift motion.  This creates a vacuum, which is released at the end of the stroke, thereby pulling ink into the barrel of the pen.  Screw the knob back into place, and you are done.

Sheaffer Snorkels and PFMs

Sheaffer Snorkels and PFMs have a filler tube (snorkel), which is deployed by turning the end knob.  When fully extended, pull out the plunger and dip the snorkel tube (NOT the nib) into the ink, then depress the plunger.  This action depresses the sac, which at the end of the stroke, draws in ink as it re-inflates.  Count to ten before removing from the ink.  The tube is retracted by twisting the filler knob.

Sheaffer Touchdown

Sheaffer Touchdown Fillers operate much the same as the above Snorkel pens, the only difference being that the nib IS immersed in the ink.

Button Fillers

To fill, remove the blind cap, immerse the nib in the ink, then press and release the button. On release, the depressed sac will draw in ink.  Count to 10 before removing from the ink.  Pens with breather tubes may benefit from a second depression.