Of Necessity - Pen Repairs á la WWII


Today many of us tend to forget that fountain pens were once a necessity of life, rather than a writing preference, collectable item or an adornment. Collecting of pens probably hadn't been thought of, but they were appreciated enough to be given as gifts.

Pen shops had loaner pens to offer if your problematic pen couldn't be fixed on the spot! I doubt that some of today's pen manufacturers/distributors could have survived judging by their repair turnaround. What would they have done during a crisis such as WWII? Send it back to Italy and wait for the war to end?

When pens were of necessity, repairs were often just functional, rather than cosmetic. A typical example of this is a rather discoloured Swan Eternal I acquired some time ago, with surprise, surprise, a Conway Stewart clip. I'm sure at the time, the owner was just pleased to get his pen back with a pocket clip.