Mark Twain's Pens


Mark Twain reportedly said “I prefer the Conklin because it has it’s filling system in it’s belly, and thanks to its shape, cannot fall off the desk”.

Roy Conklin, the founder of the Conklin Pen Company of Toledo, has variously been described as a Jeweller, Inventor, and Engineer. He was probably all of those and more. His Crescent filling system, first seen in the market place in 1903, was innovative, extremely functional and reliable; it was used with little or no change for the next 25 years.

In later years, the Conklin Pen Company went on to produce the Endura, Symetrik (both lever fillers) and Nozak (piston filler) lines. Some models of the Nozak incorporate a word gauge on their transparent barrels. This indicates the number of words (in thousands) that can be written with the remaining ink. Their advertising of the time proclaimed, “A car without a gas gauge is like a pen without a word gauge”.

We have used a photograph of one of the rarer Nozaks in our website logo.